Well look at who stumbled in.
How in the world did you end up here and are you really going to stay? I don't mind company but it's all up to you.
Hopefully I don't drive you away~
 Soul(s) Are/Is Lost


Welcome To My World

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Don’t quit. We all promised, didn’t we?

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Words cannot describe how excited I am for the epic waterbending Book 3 has in store (x)

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The slapbands and bracelets are officially on sale! The slapbands are above and the bracelet is below!

One side looks like this:

The other side looks like this:

Head on over to my storenvy if you’re interested! All of you have been so supportive, thank you so much! For those that pre-ordered, I’ll send those out before the end of the week! 

These bracelets are really nice and clean easy, plus they look really good when you’re wearing them. I know there isn’t much Gintama merchandise that’s easy accessible to people, so hopefully this will help, especially since I’m keeping them as cheap as I can! And reblogs are always helpful and thank you all again for being so great! 

Free! Eternal Summer → Episode 03

↳ Nagisa Hazuki

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Bunny massage | [X] - SpicaSirius


That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

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